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Almost a milestone

The Kid and I were playing on the floor when she handed me a book that was in with the toys.  I started reading it and she stopped what she was doing to listen.  She's got this little noise she makes when she wants something, so I started reading again.  When I was finished, she stood up next to me, using my knee to balance and I handed her the book.

She let go.  She didn't fall and she stood there for what seemed to be a few minutes, although I'm sure it was just a few seconds. It was the first time she stood on her own without leaning on something or having furniture nearby to grab.  She was actually standing without help! 

Sure, it wasn't her first step but we missed a lot of her first so I get excited when we get to see the first of anything.  I'm sure she didn't understand why Gladys and I were staring at her until she sat down, then started yelling, "Good Job!" and hugging her.  But it was our first first and hopefully not our last. 

A few other observations after week four of fatherhood.
  1. I've changed plenty of diapers but these four weeks have reminded me just how toxic the rear end of a baby can be.  And drool is amazing at disabling electronics.
  2. For something so small, The Kid has an amazing shriek that rivals air horns.
  3. Baby heads are hurt when they are thrust full force at your nose.  And the baby always thinks beaning you is the funniest thing on earth.   
  4. There is no better feeling than a pair of little arms trying to wrap around your chest when it's time for bed.   

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My fourth Father's Day

This Father's Day is a happy one while being a great day for personal reflection. The Kid could hardly contain her excitement waiting for me to wake up so she could give me her gifts. Church, lunch at the Original Buddy's Pizza and kayaking on Lake Muskoday made today happy.

I also can't help reflect on the past. Four years ago today, we were at Lincoln Hall of Justice, Family Division in front of Judge Christopher Dingell to finalize The Kid's adoption.

It was a strange day. Our adoption could have been over a few weeks before if we had opted to have Wayne County Courts mail us her new birth certificate, but we decided we wanted to hear it from the judge himself. What we assumed would be a joyous occasion wasn't, the Judge was annoyed we wasted his time and told his clerk as soon as he decreed our adoption final that he never wanted to do another hearing like that again.

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Our harrowing escape made our walk through the rest of our neighborhood that much more enjoyable.

On the way home, The Kid started worrying that we hadn't done anything for Mother's Day and started to pick weeds out of a neighbors yard. It was the prettiest flower she could find. I started to protest, we have plenty of weeds in our own yard, but The Kid insisted because she wanted Mama to have something beautiful from our walk. We ended up with a few pockets full of maple seeds and her flower.

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Year one with The Kid, the start of an amazing life as a family

One year ago, I was running to the Target in the Eastland Mall because we needed a camera fast.  I woke up that morning, realizing that we would always want to remember that day with better photos than we would get from our smartphones. I was on a conference call for work as I ran through the store, half paying attention because I needed to hurry back to pick up Gladys so we could get to Catholic Social Services of Wayne County in time for our meeting.

I didn't want to be late for our first chance to meet The Kid.

Gladys and I were both nervous. We had seen a few pictures during our last visit with our social worker, and we had the family history the agency was allowed to release to us, but we didn't know a thing about The Kid's personality. Was she shy or playful? Would she be scared or was she curious about her surroundings? Would she cry when she met us or would she warm up to us? Would she like us?

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