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Can I shield The Kid from everything?

A quick morning nap
I couldn't help myself.  I got back from a walk with The Kid and our dog, took her out of the backpack carrier and shed a few tears as I hugged her.

My intent was to work from home today, although I was able to accomplish very little because the events in Connecticut felt like they happened right in our backyard, not 700 miles from our home in Detroit.  (For the record, I'm pretty sure my boss reads this blog and I will assure him that I'll make up for the time soon.) 

Being a new father, I was overcome with the knowledge that I as much as I want to protect The Kid from all harm, I can't.  As much as I want to be there to scare off every bully, tell each teenage boy to step off or shield her from an attacker, there will be times that I can't.  Ultimately, all Gladys and I can do is give her a loving home, arm her with as much knowledge as possible and pray.

We want her to be a loving, warm, respectful child.  A child who is curious about the world, who values learning, hard work, and play.  A child who is comfortable talking with people from all walks of life.  On a day like today, my impulse is to shield her from everything but I know The Kid deserves more than a cloistered existence.

She deserves to learn how to see the value in people.  Maybe if more of us did, we would have fewer days like today.       

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