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This might be the post my daughter hates the most when she's a teenager

Every kid says cute things when they are trying to learn English. One of my cousins used to have trouble annunciating the word frog. It sounded a lot like a versatile curse word that starts with 'F'. It certainly made his constant want of "Frog Juice" a lot more funny!

The Kid is no exception. I don't want to forget her learning how to speak English. She gets a little Spanish language at home and at daycare, but not enough to be her primary choice. But it is cute that rojo sounds a lot more like hoho. Anyway, here are a few of my favorite English gems from The Kid.

  • When a dust-jacket falls off a book, she brings it to me with me the book, yelling, "BROKEN PAPA! BROKEN!" until I put the dust-jacket back on. 
  • A friend bought a clock that glows a different color when it's time to wake up and when it's time to go to bed. The Kid knows that blue is for bed, and she likes to point to it when I'm reading a bedtime story. She'll announce it's a clock, however, I have noticed we need to work on her 'L' sounds. 
  • Getting her ready for the morning can be fun, because we talk about what article of clothing she's putting on at each step. She gets very excited when she tells us what that piece of clothing is before we ask for it, including her socks. The challenge now is helping her learn the difference between an 'S' and a 'C'. 
  • The Kid and I have a running dispute about what is a truck and what is a bus. She vociferously protests whenever she feels I have incorrectly identified a truck or a bus, and will continue correcting me until she feels I agree with her viewpoint.
  • She's already figured out how to say "Daddy" with an inflection that lets me know she thinks what I just said is the most ridiculous thing she's heard in her life. 
  • Our dog Barney might think of changing his name to Bonnie soon. 
  • When The Kid begrudgingly agrees to do something, like only read one more story before bed, she has no problem responding to me with the most dramatic, "Otay Papa," you've ever heard from a two-year old. 
  • 'Mine' and 'No' are always annunciated perfectly and used correctly. 
  • She only remembers one or two words for each nursery rhyme at best, but has no problem making up the words she doesn't remember to make the tune work. 
I know my friends are tired of hearing me say this, but I'll say it anyway. My favorite part about being a Papa, so far, is watching The Kid discover life. Every time she speaks lately, she's only reinforcing my assertion.  

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