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Is Nellyville squandering a chance to help safeguard our daughters?

On one of the rare days during the holidays that I didn't work on our house, I binge-watched almost the entire first season of Nellyville. Watching someone on screen who is obviously a loving father and uncle was a little jarring against the backdrop of Hot in Herre, but it was still better television than anything else on at the time.

The scene where he took his daughter Nana bowling on a date is one I could see happening in 15 or so years with me and The Kid. Nana asked Nelly if he trusted her, and he said he did but it was the boys he didn't trust. She said the men coming around her were intimidated by her dad, and he was proud of that, saying, "I'm just letting them know, there are consequences and repercussions.

Again, these are things I could see myself saying. And after a few minutes of, "Yeah! Another dad who thinks the way I do," I realized his attitude toward his son and nephew didn't jive with the attitude he had toward Nana.

Maybe scenes wer…

I'm a little more proud of my wife for picking this Christmas gift for The Kid

I am convinced that everyone has points in their life where they overthink things and end up overworking themselves to come up with a solution, when an easier, less painful option was available if they just stopped to pay attention. A case in point is this blog post. I started it an hour ago, and scrapped a version that was hideously wordy while not getting to my point.

Another example is kids toys, specifically Lego toys. The comic strip, Lego Friends from the blog Seasonal Depression hits the idea out of the park. Instead of developing an entirely separate line of Legos just for girls, why not add something simple like Lego ponytails to their existing sets and see what happens? As the illustration went viral (I hate that word for popular online content, in case you were wondering), the author Maritsa Patrinos dropped this gem in an interviewI’m sure LEGO’s heart was in the right place and I’m sure they’ve done tons of research to pick their content. But when I saw the men in this …


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